Materials We Recommend and
Prefer Using

We use IKO Cambridge AR (Eastern USA) Shingles.

Cambridge AR combines beauty with contemporary strength. Manufactured in a larger size to offer more
exposure and create a high definition ''shake'' look for your roof, these popular shingles are versatile and easy
to maintain and come in a myriad of colors that can suit any home. The Cambridge AR shingle features an
algae resistant granule. A limited wind warranty up to 110mph and a 15 year Iron Clad Protection. Cambridge
shingles are manufactured to the highest standards and are amongst the heaviest laminated shingles offered
by any manufacturer in the industry.
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We use
Quarrix Ridge Vent

Quarrix Ridge Vent (what is a ridge vent?) is the most versatile attic ventilation product on the market. It works
with all roofing materials and installs on the hip and ridge for a clean appearance. Quarrix Ridge Vent helps
keep attics cool and allows hot, most air to release at the highest point, which is essential to achieving a
balanced ventilation system. The StormStop Membrane air to flow while preventing all forms of weather from
entering the attic space.

We use ice and water guard on bottom edges, in valleys around sky lights, around chimneys, and all roof
decks 3-12 pitch and under. You always get new drip edge, pipe boots, and flashing.


We use Royal Crest Siding


Royal Crest by Royal Building Products is a highly durable vinyl siding that exceeds industry impact standards.
It features a natural woodgrain finish and comes in a range of popular exterior shades. The latest Royal Crest
innovation is a re-designed nail hem that provides an easier and more secure installation along with much
higher wind resistance. In testing, Royal Crest Solid Vinyl Siding achieved a test pressure of 49.70 lbs/ft2. This
equates to a wind speed of 144 mph.
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We also use Journeyman Select Siding


Journeymen Select quality vinyl siding is a premium collection whose extensive product offering has made it
one of our most popular siding brands. With traditional, designer and Colonial Beaded profiles, this attractive,
high performance panel is an excellent choice for your home. Available in 11 of our most popular standard
colors as well as 14 vibrant shades from the Colorscapes™ collection. Revolutionary color technology
combines Luran® S ASA, BASF’s premium color-fast thermoplastic, with Royal’s innovative Royalside™
Compound and Dura Technology™ Process. Provides industry leading UV resistance and fade protection.
Weatherable thermoplastic blocks out the sun to protect dark colors, providing homeowners with a wider color
selection. Journeymen Select Colonial Beaded represents American Colonial architecture at its best. Featuring
a rounded beaded base for a pronounced shadow line, this durable, color-through vinyl siding beautifully
evokes the hand-crafted spirit of a previous era and has an appealing low-gloss brushed finish.
Available in all
Journeymen Select standard colors.

For Specialty Siding we use The Foundry and Nailite

The Foundry

Envied for beauty, envied for maintenance-free living. No other siding creates this much beauty with so little
maintenance. The Foundry succeeds as the most authentic siding because it’s painstakingly crafted using
hundreds of cedar and stone molds. With The Foundry, your home’s handsomeness couldn’t be easier to
enjoy. No scrubbing with harsh chemicals, rotting, termites, scraping, sanding or painting. Foundry premium
vinyl siding is designed to make you smile year after year, as long as you own your home. Its limited lifetime
warranty and enhanced color protection mean your home’s charm can stand up to unrelenting sun, serious
rainy seasons, frigid winters and blizzards. The Foundry is impact-resistant, carries the highest Class 1(A) fire
resistance, and has a wind load exceeding 170 mph.

No matter your home’s style, The Foundry lets you infuse standout color and texture, from rustic ruggedness to
modern shake & shingle style, to casual Key West sophistication. We give you the luxury of choice, including
our exclusive
Weathered Collection colors and six shake and shingle profiles.


Take a closer look at Nailite's replica cedar, brick and stone siding and discover an extraordinary look for your
home. Its low maintenance and high style provide the natural look you desire…at a fraction of the cost and
maintenance. Natural cedar, brick and stone are expensive and are subject to the harmful effects of Mother
Nature. All Nailite products are strong and durable, weather and insect resistant and come with a limited lifetime
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